Facilitating Organisational Change

asqWe have been excited to step into designing and facilitating both one off events and longer term projects intended to assist organisations facing significant times of change.

During 2015 we commenced a 12 month project with the newly formed Mental Health and Family Wellbeing team of Anglicare SQ. This project is designed to strengthen the team’s practice culture by focusing on 5 key areas for change: Leadership, Shared Identity, Learning Culture, Community Engagement and Service Integration.

qfesWe also facilitated a ‘summit’ for Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) staff involved in Community Engagement activities. Later in the year we were delighted to be approached by QFES to provide training and consultancy services for the reinstatement of the FFF program, a juvenile fire setting prevention/intervention program.  We will be working with QFES management and FFF practitioners until at least June 2016 to re-establish this important program de-funded by the previous state government. Click here if you would like to talk with us about the ways we could support your organisation as it faces big changes.

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