How do we work?

  • We do our best to make you as comfortable as possible
  • We listen to you with respectful curiosity and optimism
  • We create ‘space’ for you to reflect and learn
  • We find ways to separate you from problems that threaten to overwhelm
  • We help you take stock of what is already working well… and identify hidden potentials
  • We look for the frustrated hopes, dreams and longings that lie within difficulties
  • We discover and amplify your unique talents, strengths and abilities
  • We work with you to find practical and innovative solutions to complex dilemmas and challenges
  • We help you to “un-stall” those initiatives you’ve almost given up on
  • We assist you to articulate your aspirations and imagine your preferred future
  • We make learning interactive, relevant and fun
  • We engage you in conversations that generate new perspectives or possibilities
  • We design powerful and intriguing questions … and processes that assist you to re-focus on what really matters to you
  • We assist you to develop plans and build momentum for change
  • We support you to take the necessary but sometimes difficult first steps
  • We stay in touch to help you develop new plans when there are hiccups
  • We notice and celebrate small yet significant changes

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