What’s distinctive or different about UO?

We ‘customise’ any service we offer to fit with the preferences and hopes of everyone involved.

We specifically focus on developing the strengths, talents, skills and abilities of people, teams, communities and organisations.

We draw on ideas from a broad range of complementary approaches such as strengths, collaborative, narrative, solution focussed, asset based, positive psychology and appreciative inquiry.

We bring high level process expertise rather than ‘ready made’ answers

We specialise in well crafted, positive questions – we will ask you the questions you’ll be glad you were asked and wish someone had asked you earlier.

We specialise in developing substantial ongoing partnerships that can stand the test of time – providing opportunities to ‘touch base’ repeatedly over the long haul that is sometimes required for big changes.

We model a collaborative, appreciative approach

We strive to create environments that foster relaxed creativity, and high and spontaneous energy, enjoyment and generosity.

We learn with and from you

We help people to get in touch – or back in touch – with their “best selves”.

We bring a spirit of playful curiosity to all our work.

We resist reductionist ways of thinking or practices that marginalise pathologise or diminish people.

We have a particular interest in collaborating with those who are working towards social and/or ecological justice.

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