Community groups and networks

…community groups or networks wanting to engage in respectful, collaborative, strengths based and/or narrative events, projects and activities…

…networks/groups looking for opportunities to reflect on their histories and futures…

…associations wanting to refine their vision and values…

…networks/groups looking for complementary external project management or facilitation expertise…

Services we offer:

Facilitation: facilitating meetings,  events or workshops

Community projects: facilitation or project management of community trauma recovery or capacity building projects e.g. father inclusive, shared trauma or child friendly communities projects.

Research projects: facilitation of community-useful research using participative, co-research, qualitative methodologies

Community workshops or training: customised, interactive training that creates spaces for reflection and deep learning e.g. parent education groups using solution focussed/narrative ideas

Design, facilitation and/or ‘hosting’ of special events: Consultation, design and facilitation to maximise participants engagement and learning in events, meetings or conferences


David and Paul were an obvious choice when we were looking for workshop facilitators who really know and practice strengths based and invitational approaches. Having previously seen each of them at work, I knew they would bring both the strong theoretical grounding and awesome people skills that our specialist area needed, as well as being very easy to work with. Thanks David and Paul for your diligence and care in crafting a productive day on a difficult topic. (Paul)

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