Human service organisations/agencies

…human/community service agencies or organisations wanting to embrace collaborative, strengths based and/or narrative ways or working with clients and colleagues…

…organisations facing transition or contemplating change with a niggling sense of ‘opportunity’…

…organisations seeking greater clarity about strategic directions…

…organisations wanting to develop the strengths and talents of staff…

…organisations that have identified a gap between how things are and how they would like them to be…

Services we offer:

Change facilitation: partnering to bring forward preferred stories, implement positive sustainable changes and build strengths based, purpose-oriented, values-driven organisations

Review and planning: facilitating processes that uncover what’s already working well and identify preferred futures and determine ways of moving constructively

Positive culture building: building a culture that reflects the values and aspirations of the organisation

Leadership development: resourcing the development of positive, appreciative and collaborative leadership across the organisation

Communities of learning consultation: using a range of resources to invigorate and build the organisations culture of learning and innovation

Workshops: customised, interactive training that explores the practical application of collaborative, strengths based and/or narrative approaches to human service practice

Cooperation training: An innovative solution- focused training program, developed by Ben Furman that teaches six core cooperation skills to increase work satisfaction and improve performance

Practice consultation: consultation regarding difficult or challenging practice situations – which may include live co-consultation with colleagues and clients

Research projects: facilitation of practice-useful research using participative, co-research, qualitative methodologies

Community projects: facilitation or project management of community capacity building projects

Coaching: sessions that help staff and/or board members to harness their strengths and set clear goals in relation to the development of the organisation

Learning clinics: focussed learning opportunities on the application of collaborative, strengths-based, solution-focused and/or narrative approaches to particular aspects of practice

Workplace consultation: consultation and customised services that support the well being and meaningful engagement of employees

Design, facilitation and “hosting” of special events: consultation, design and facilitation to maximise participant’s engagement and learning in events, meetings or conferences


‘I would highly recommend the work of David and Paul from Unique Outcomes. As the CEO of a small disability service it was important that the training and professional development given to staff was both relevant and of the highest quality since both time and resources available for training is limited.

David and Paul worked closely with our Management Team to ensure that the training was tailored to specifically meet the needs of the organisation and was delivered in a way that encouraged participation and engaged with staff. Above all training needed to be fun.

Share Bayside Inc recently completed a twelve month project aimed at developing a set of shared core values to underpin the work of staff and guide their interactions with people they support. This project was given great importance within the organisation and workshops and small group sessions were followed up at monthly team meetings. The result, a set of core values that staff are committed to and which can be found on the organisation’s website under the About Us tag.

I would highly recommend the work of Unique Outcomes; it is professional, relevant, lots of fun and will give you the outcomes you wish to achieve.

I have recently retired from my position with Share Bayside but would be happy to discuss my experience in working with David and Paul, feel free to contact me on 0401 695 695.’

Judy Mayfield
CEO Share Bayside Inc (retired)
Redland City

“It really has been an extraordinary journey for me personally. I reflect back on a conversation with a worker during supervision when I was in a Coordinators role and their statement ‘you will never get supervision into this organisation let alone a strengths based philosophy’. Since then, with your support, key colleagues have not only embraced it but made it happen and we see the growth in our leadership throughout the organisation that is slowly translating into practice with staff. The power of positive enquiry Thanks heaps for your on-going support and wonderful questions and metaphors that assist in reflections on practice and are wonderful motivators and inspirations towards positive change.”

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