Human service teams

vcm_s_kf_repr_832x624-300x225…teams in the human/community services who wish to bring more collaborative, strengths based practices into their interactions with clients and colleagues…

…teams who want to recover or restore their teamwork and re-discover their common ground…

…teams seeking to learn and grow together…

…teams facing tough times and wanting to rise to the occasion without blame or scapegoating…

Services we offer:

Team development or strengthening sessions: tailor-made processes for teams going  through troubled times or wanting to enhance what is already working well

Team supervision: opportunities for rigorous and supportive reflection on team practice

Practice consultation: consultation regarding difficult or challenging practice situations-which may include live co-consultation with colleagues and clients

Learning clinics: focussed team learning opportunities on the application of collaborative, strengths based, solution focussed and/or narrative approaches to particular aspects of practice

Cooperation Training: experiential workshops that build solution-focussed, vibrant and productive workplaces.

Coaching: sessions that help team members harness their strengths and set clear goals in relation to challenging situations


“David’s gentle and supportive facilitation allowed us to explore each other’s motivations, future directions and concepts of team work in a safe accommodating environment.  From this, I believe we achieved more (than I anticipated) around our individual and personal goals, as we were able to link them back into departmental expectations.  After his session I felt more focussed and motivated, and better connected to our (management) team.  I was really keen for this new found fire to flow down to the team I supervise with the hope that they too would be rejuvenated.”

Kate Hinds,  Department of Justice and Attorney General


“I’ve thought more about why your workshop worked for me.  One of the most exciting realisations is around the qualities of experiential tasks.  The striking difference, I believe, lies in the genuine permission to discover something other than a previously decided ‘end point’.   Most of the team-building/resilience training exercises I’ve been part of have offered experiential components – though driven by narrow expectations of the outcome.  It didn’t feel like this for me. Thanks again for bringing a fresh note to a notoriously awkward composition!”

Peter Greasley, FSG


“I have attended a variety of workshops and meetings with David. David has always been engaging, warm, insightful, responsive, and adaptable. I have always enjoyed David’s presentations and meetings and I have always taken great learnings from him.”

Mel Hutton,  Department of Justice and Attorney General

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