Workers, team leaders or managers in the human/community services

…human service workers, team leaders or managers who wish to integrate collaborative strengths based and/or narrative approaches into their practice…

…workers with a passion for social justice who want to work out ways to express this more fully in their roles…

…workers seeking to become more reflective practitioners and become clearer about what they’re learning…

…professional “helpers” wanting to avoid “burn-out” and find new meaning or energy in their work…

…workers wanting to become more conscious of their strengths, aspirations and potentials…

Services we offer:

Professional supervision/consultation: individual or group opportunities for rigorous and supportive reflection on practice

Coaching: practical, positive support to identify and progress towards learning or career goals

Riverbank (career review and planning) sessions: an opportunity for those early in their career, mid-career or facing a transition to pause and reflect, reconnect with their values and aspirations and plan the next ‘chapter’

Learning groups: co-research, communities of learning groups for those wanting to focus their learning on a particular aspect of practice (offering groups on i) Third Wave practice ii) narrative practice iii) Third Wave supervision and iv) Third Wave leadership)

Workshops: customised, interactive training that explores the practical application of collaborative, strengths based and/or narrative approaches to human services practice

Kids’ Skills Training: A ‘magical’ solution focussed method developed by Ben Furman to help children of all ages overcome problems with the help of family and friends


“Recently I engaged pAul to be alongside me through a situational minefield. His integrity, levity, intuition and suggestions for dealing with the issues were invaluable in the process of negotiating difficult and challenging organisational terrain. Throughout the experience pAul supported my meaning making process in ways that celebrated my values and encouraged clear articulation of the issues as I saw them. While organisational conflicts tend to be tricky beasts and carry with them a raft of ethical and practice dilemmas pAuls thoughtful passage with me ensured my agency in the outcomes and that we both got out alive with all our limbs intact :)” (Tanea)

“Thank you for accompanying me on my journey of discovery this year. I have enjoyed the freedom to talk freely and the non-judgement and affirming space that you create.” (Carolyn)

‘I enjoyed David’s supportive, encouraging and respectful style. There was a clear congruence between the strengths philosophy and David’s relationship with participants’

‘The workshop will definitely make me change the way I interact with my clients’

‘He (David) was articulate, gentle, engaging, passionate and inspiring’

‘A great workshop. It has given me the knowledge, skills and courage to use this approach with my clients’

‘A great blend of activity and conversation. David presents with a believable and informed manner. I’m feeling enthusiastic. Thank you!’

‘I have had the pleasure of hearing you speak a few times now and I have always been struck by the total passion that you bring to your work and enthusiasm you show for supporting people in making positive changes in their life. Hearing you speak the last time was a strong reminder to me of the values I want to bring to work. Thankyou for the reminder.’

‘The best training I have ever attended’

‘The greatest learning I have gained from and with you is that curiosity is best captured with questions. Questions that explore meaning, hope and possibilities. Questions that step away from dominant ideas, questions that privilege the other persons story, questions that create energy, enthusiasm and adventure…What I have gained from our interactions is the challenging of labels, not settling for the dominant position or paradigm…You hold and contain my often scattered thoughts, with love and patience. You have championed my ideas and gently invited yourself into my space with some ideas and thoughts you feel might strengthen and deepen my understanding and growth not only as a worker but as a person. You have done this respectfully and kindly and with gentleness and integrity…
You have influenced the way I see others and how I want to be in the world. You have opened up the magical world of curiosity through questions. You invite me to challenge constructive and often prescriptive ways of thinking. You encourage me to privilege other people’s stories and have done this from the perspective of values and beliefs rather than knowledge and information. The journey is not easy at times it can be harrowing and difficult and complex…but you do not lose sight of my struggles and my triumphs, you celebrate with me, you are on my side. You see and support my own knowledge while gently sharing yours.’ (Shelley)

“What an amazing and far-reaching process! I would like to sincerely thank you for your wisdom, skills, compassion and brave honesty. You are indeed a powerful role model… I guess some of the lessons learnt are that honesty and transparency are critically important and need to be exercised in conjunction with assertiveness and sound judgment. Another lesson is that discussing “dilemmas” within an appropriate circle of people, using the method you taught us, is of immense value to bring about positive outcomes that enrich all involved.I continue to be amazed at the effects on people participating in this strength based and narrative method of supervision. I was struck by the way it triggered resonances in the other participants and yourself as well. As for me the process was extremely beneficial to clarify in my own mind and heart the core of my dilemma. This was greatly assisted by my ability to be a “silent listener” while the other participants shared their thoughts and feelings including striking visual examples. Being an observer of my own dilemma being explored by other people as they experience a similar feeling in their own lives, was extremely powerful. (Heidi)

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