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We’d love to have a yarn with you about how we could tailor any of these workshops to suit your unique circumstances and needs.

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Workshops exploring  the key assumptions, principles, maps and skills of “third-wave” approaches:

Catching the Third Wave– an accessible  introduction to key ideas and practices of the Solution-Focused, Narrative, Appreciative Inquiry and Strengths-Based approaches.

Surfing the Third Wave– – tailored hands-on workshop for workers/teams already applying these ideas in their work.

We also offer workshops focussed on the specific “third wave” traditions, e.g.:

Introductions to / Advanced training for Strengths Based Practice 

Introductions to / Advanced training for Collaborative Practice

Introductions to / Advanced training for Solution-focussed Practice

Introductions to / Advanced training for Narrative Practice

Introductions to / Advanced training for Appreciative Inquiry


Workshops which apply these approaches to specific practice contexts, for example:

Third Wave Crisis Work creative and hopeful ways of engaging with folks experiencing crises

Family Strengthening Work-ways of working optimistically and collaboratively with families

Family Strengthening Approaches to Foster Care engaging carers and colleagues in creating positive, socially-just learning environments for families whose children live in foster care

Third Wave Disability Work– creative and hopeful ways of engaging with individuals and families living with disability


Workshops which apply these approaches to specific aspects of practice, for example:

The person is not the problem- experimenting with deconstruction in “externalising conversations”

No-one knows as much as all of us- providing and eliciting meaningful and positively influential feedback

Doing social justice one conversation at a time- creating conversations that reflect social justice principles

 My Favourite Questions- the art and science of crafting positive, powerful, useful, transformational questions

Documenting Change- literary practices for respectful client-owned recording that supports change


Workshops which apply these approaches to team or organisational practices for example:

Values-Wise- growing values-driven cultures in teams and organisations

Wisdom-based practice- building practice knowledge through reflection and feedback

Burn-out Prevention workshops- developing shared ethics of care in teams and organisations


Workshops which apply these approaches to the support and development of workers, for example:

Swimming Upstream- for practitioners wanting to hold onto Third Wave ideas and practices in contexts where other ideas are mainstream

Third Wave Supervision- engaging colleagues in socially-just, change-oriented, practiced focussed conversations

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