Our Intentions

Our intentions in forming Unique Outcomes are:

  • To bring together and strengthen our professional energies and shared commitments
  • To support the take-up of “Third Wave” approaches by human service workers, teams, organisations and communities
  • To enable our practice and teaching to become more mutually enriching
  • To contribute to the formation & development of many “communities of practice”  in which like-minded colleagues are able to stimulate and support each other’s professional growth & development,
  • To contribute to a greater thoughtfulness and reflexivity in the human services industry,
  • To challenge dominant ideas that construct ‘professional learning & development” as something that predominantly happens at ‘events” including seminars and workshops,
  • To move away from traditional formal ways of learning and construct more informal and “real” kinds of learning that have direct and obvious impacts on day to day practice.
  • To contribute to the development of increasingly collaborative, optimistic and socially just approaches to human service and community work

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