Our story so far

We (Paul and David) have been friends and colleagues for over 20 years.

We first worked together in the early 90s when I (Paul) was in my first social work job in one of Qld’s earliest domestic violence prevention programs for men and I (David) was managing a family counselling centre running a pilot program for children living with family violence. This was “the deep end of the pool” for both of us and we discovered a shared passion for social justice and innovative practice. Looking back we’re still impressed that we somehow managed to transcend boundaries that existed between our organisations to forge what became a powerful learning partnership.

On the strength of this shared experience and learning, we ventured into more uncharted waters, establishing, in the mid 90’s, the state’s first Intensive Family Service for families with children at imminent risk of protective state intervention.  This high-stakes environment made for an intensive learning opportunity. We devoured the writings and teachings of many leaders of the solution-focussed tradition and developed strong relationships with colleagues at St Luke’s in Bendigo; an NGO pioneering what came to be known as “strength-based” practice.

In the late 90’s and early 00’s we worked separately in various contexts, including management, private practice and teaching roles. I (David) established Indigo House, a counselling and alternative therapies centre while I (pAul) spent these years in direct practice and management at Kyabra Community Association.

Our learning partnership was strengthened in 2002 when we completed  St Luke’s Trainer Accreditation together. By the mid 00’s, we had both completed advanced training in narrative practice at Dulwich Centre and been involved, in different ways, in establishing Kyabra’s business arm, Lighthouse Resources, a strengths-based training and consulting company.

In the years from 2008 to 2012, I (David) have continued a long association with the “Fight Fire Fascination” Program (FFF) of the Qld Fire & Rescue Service, while I (Paul) have stepped into a social work leadership role for Qld Health. We have maintained separate private practices incorporating counselling, professional supervision and training. Supporting each other in a number of training and organisational development projects during these years, has helped us to recognize the potentials that have been transformed into “Unique Outcomes.”

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