Our name

It took us a long time to settle on a name for this new venture. The phrase “Unique Outcomes”  has various connotations.

We know that this term will have particular meanings for the mathematically minded.

We’ve heard from some clients that this name gave them a sense of the unique services we’re offering.  This certainly fits well  with our preference to avoid trafficking in ready-made solutions. We believe that each client, team, family and situation deserves a unique response, a unique journey and a unique outcome.

“Unique Outcomes” is a term used by sociologist Erving Goffman to describe those sparkling, often fleeting moments in life when the tide seems to turn. Unique Outcomes are events that could not have been easily predicted at the start of the journey but which can be a source of the greatest meaning and potential for change.

In Narrative Practice, Unique Outcomes are the exceptions to the rules of the potentially dominating stories that often drag our attention. Bringing careful curious attention to Unique Outcomes can often turn our attention to other, more hopeful stories we could develop for our lives, relationships, careers etc.

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