Our Team

David Lees, Paul Montgomery and Amy Stephenson are:

  • Human service workers with more than 70 years combined experience
  • Fans, seasoned practitioners and experienced teachers of strengths, solution-oriented, collaborative, narrative, appreciative and invitational approaches
  • Facilitators who believe in the power of people working together to find innovative yet practical solutions to both the smaller challenges and the most complex dilemmas
  • David & pAul are both accredited members of the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW)

On particular projects we will offer to include other well respected, like-minded colleagues we know well and who may be well positioned to add value with complementary skills and knowledge.

Paul Montgomery

pAul has been an intrepid explorer of solution-oriented and narrative ideas for two decades. These travels have included stays in a range of human service and community work settings in the field of: parenting and family work including working with folks effected by abuse; work with children and young people; personal and relationship counselling; work with folks living with disabilities and their families; and community training and development projects. Read more about pAul…

David Lees

David is a social worker with over 30 years experience in community organisations, government agencies, universities and small business. During this time David’s roles have included counsellor, direct practice worker, team leader, manager, evaluator, facilitator, lecturer, tutor, consultant, researcher, business owner, supervisor and trainer. Read more about David…

Amy Stephenson

Amy has been committed to ways of working that bring about positive social change for two decades in a range of human service practice contexts. Her thinking has been influenced by experiences gathered in domestic and family violence, homelessness, family intervention, out of home care and the early childhood services sectors. Read more about Amy…

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