David Lees

David is a social worker with over 30 years experience in community organisations, government agencies, universities and small business. During this time David’s roles have included counsellor, direct practice worker, team leader, manager, evaluator, facilitator, lecturer, tutor, consultant, researcher, business owner, supervisor and trainer.

His experience includes involvement in several ground-breaking research, capacity building and development projects within organisations and communities. For the last 15 years David has been a leader in the articulation and implementation of strengths and collaborative approaches within the Australian human services sector, providing a range of training, coaching, supervision and organisational consulting services. He has presented at many national and international conferences and delivered hundreds of workshops across Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. David has a persistent belief in the capacity and resilience of people and is inspired by the stories of initiatives taken by people in the face of difficult or unjust circumstances. He has embraced ways of thinking about change that emphasis multiple perspectives (stories), collaborative effort, appreciative foundations, compelling aspirations and constructive first steps. In his work with individuals, groups or organisations David seeks to create reflective, generative ‘spaces’ in which peoples curiosity, energies, values and aspirations come to the fore. Over the years David has become known for his passion, respectful approach, gentle thoughtfulness, clear practical ideas and playful engaging style.

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