Paul Montgomery

pAul has been an intrepid explorer of solution-oriented and narrative ideas for two decades. These travels have included stays in a range of human service and community work settings in the field of: parenting and family work including working with folks effected by abuse; work with children and young people; personal and relationship counselling; work with folks living with disabilities and their families; and community training and development projects.

He has been involved in direct practice, service co-ordination, professional supervision, training and social work leadership. pAul’s interests lie in what it takes to create an environment that supports the rich and thoughtful development of more helpful stories, especially in the midst of a sense that there is only one unhelpful story to tell. pAul enjoys contributing to energetic and critical conversations with individuals, couples, families and organisations looking for new pathways through the long dark journeys that are often part of life and human service work. He has found that new ways of looking at problems and our initial responses to them almost always yield creative home-grown ideas for “rising to the challenge”. He continues to be most energised by direct involvement in significant change processes. His supervision and training work is imbued with this energy and with stories of recent practice. pAul has established a reputation for bringing creativity, calmness and a gently respectful humour to all of his work.

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