Some Suggested Reading

Appreciative Inquiry

Cooperrider, Whitney and Stavros (2008) ‘Appreciative Inquiry Handbook’ 2nd Edition

Whitney and Trosten-Bloom (2010) ‘The Power of Appreciative Inquiry’ 2nd Edition

Client-Directed, Outcome-Informed Practice

Duncan, Miller, Wampold and Hubble (2010) ‘The Heart and Soul of Change’ 2nd Edition

Duncan (2010) ‘On Becoming a Better Therapist’

Collaborative Therapy

Anderson and Gehart (2007) ‘Collaborative Therapy’

Madsen (2007) ‘Collaborative Therapy with Multi-Stressed Families’ 2nd Edition

Invitational Practice

Jenkins (1990) ‘Invitations to Responsibility’

Jenkins (2009) ‘Becoming Erthical’

Just Therapy

Waldegrave, Tamasese, Tuhaka and Campbell (2003) ‘Just Therapy’

Motivational Interviewing

Miller & Rollnick (2002) ‘Motivational Interviewing’ 2nd Ed.

Rosengren (2009) ‘Building Motivational Interviewing Skills’

Narrative Practice

Denborough (2008) ‘Collective Narrative Practice’

Madigan (2011) ‘Narrative Therapy’

Morgan (2000) ‘What is Narrative Therapy?’

White (2007) ‘Maps of Narrative Practice’

Positive Deviance

Pascale, Sternin and Sternin (2010) ‘The Power of Positive Deviance’


De Jong and Berg (2008) ‘Interviewing for Solutions’ 3rd Edition

De Shazer and Dolan (2007) ‘More than Miracles’

Furman and Ahola (2001) ‘Solution Talk’ 2nd Edition

Furman (2004) ‘Kids’ Skills’

Iveson, George and Ratner (2012) ‘Brief Coaching’

Strengths Perspective/Approach

Bertolino (2010) ‘Strengths-Based Engagement and Practice’

McCashen (2005) ‘The Strengths Approach’

Saleebey (2009) ‘The Strengths Perspective in Social Work Practice’ 5th Ed.

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