Outcomes Star Conference 2020

Sara Burns, one of the originators of the Outcomes Star, visited Australia in February 2020 to conclude the development of the Change Star for work with men who’ve used violence in their relationships with women partners and to kick-off development of another new Star for work with people living with problem gambling. While she was in our part of the world, we held a 2-day conference for workers and teams using the Outcomes Stars in Australia and New Zealand.

It was a unique opportunity to confer with colleagues exploring the application of the Outcomes Stars in housing services, employment services, mental health services, children’s, young people’s and parenting services, and disability and carer services.

As well as learning from colleagues about ways Outcomes Stars are being used in these sectors, we learnt about making better use of Star data in supervision, service development and reporting on impact and heard about the latest developments from the UK including several new Stars recently published or under development and the new improved version of the Star Online.

Find out more about our work with the Outcomes Star in Australia.